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Tartan Trader - Engraved Gifts

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Having been awarded the prestigious ‘Arms of the Guild of Master Craftsmen’ back in 2009, Tartan Trader is a trusted name in the world of high-quality Engraved Gifts.

With everything from charming key-rings to heirloom-quality pocket watches on offer via their e-commerce website, our reviewers sought to explore why so many satisfied customers choose Tartan Trader as their first port of call when seeking personalised gifts online.

What makes www.tartantrader.co.uk stand out from the crowd?


Tartan Trader states that they have a clear goal for their business:

‘To scour the world in search of original gifts which can be engraved with a personal message’

This might sound like an ambitious objective, but upon browsing through the Tartan Trader website, we found that this artisan firm has been working hard to achieve it: A vast array of products, carefully managed into logically-arranged categories makes this e-commerce store a real one-stop-shop when it comes to finding the perfect gift for a loved one, corporate contact, or even just as a personal treat!


With high-quality goods like the items on offer at Tartan Trader, it is vital that a customer can get a really good idea about what the products they are considering will actually be like once received: Unlike many companies out there, this firm has clearly spent a lot of time and effort on ensuring that high quality photography and product descriptions have been used throughout their website: This translates into a fantastic online shopping experience and makes browsing through the myriad of product options a real joy.

Each product has at least one high-resolution image (which can be enlarged to appreciate all of the products finer details), a comprehensive textual description, a clear specifications list and a customer reviews section, which can all be accessed with a minimum of clicks and scrolling, thanks to the site’s clever tabbed layout.


Tartan Trader is a firm which has clearly gone the extra mile when it comes to ensuring that their customers can enjoy an intuitive, fluid online experience.

The process of finding one’s way through the website is deftly handled by a clear, consistent top and side navigation system, whilst an easy-to-use search facility (with optional advanced options) – makes finding specific products just as easy as browsing the site for ideas.

On the subject of discovering products and seeking inspiration for gift ideas, the site handles these tasks exceptionally well: Its main categories are divided up by product type - for example: ‘business card cases’ or ‘photo frames’ – whilst the ‘special occasions gifts’ category is logically divided up into a series of subcategories – for example: ‘Easter presents’, ‘Anniversary Gifts’, etc. Meanwhile, for those of us who simply just want to get a gift idea for ‘him’ or ‘her’, the site is more than accommodating.

Above and beyond its outstanding ease of navigation, the site has a clear, secure checkout process which was a real doddle to use.


Thanks to the slick, intuitive nature of the Tartan Trader website, our reviewers found the entire process of discovering and purchasing quality gifts to be a pleasant, efficient experience.

Factor in the free standard UK delivery which guarantees all UK engraving orders to be shipped within 24 hours of ordering and you have the perfect recipe for a gift-shopping experience that can be depended upon, even if time is sparse and a last minute gift is required.


We have to applaud Tartan Trader’s commitment to providing outstanding customer service: With a simple contact form and access to friendly, knowledgeable support staff via a handy Freephone number, it is easy to see why so many turn to this engraving specialist when they are in need of a brand that can be depended upon.

The bottom line

Overall, our reviewers found tartantrader.co.uk to be a remarkably slick, user-friendly website which offers a pleasant and efficient online shopping experience that lives up to the high standards set by this respected firm.

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