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Advanced Dermatology

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As specified on their website, Advanced Dermatology carries a reputation for being the #1 cosmetic dermatology and skin aesthetics practice in Australia. With over 26,000 advanced anti-ageing and minimally-invasive surgical cosmetic procedures under their belt, a number of vital scientific discoveries to their name and advanced skincare treatments available in over 60 countries, we’d not argue with this claim.

Our reviewers took this prestigious practice’s website for a spin, to see if their online presence lives up to their impeccable brand image…

What makes this website unique?

Clean, effective, efficient design

It is clear that Advanced Dermatology has paid close attention on how its brand image carries across its website.  From its minimalistic layout, to its tastefully restrained colour palette, the site looks professional, clean and is refreshingly free from clutter;

The homepage serves as the perfect introduction to Advanced Dermatology: Even without any prior knowledge of the brand, the user will very quickly learn about what the practice does, what its treatments consist of and how much they cost, with just a few clicks.

The rest of the site follows on from the excellent homepage design – and does a great job of presenting loads of detailed information in a manner which is easy to digest and navigate through.

Factor in the responsive nature of the site design – which adapts and works flawlessly on smartphones and tablets – and it becomes clear that no detail has been overlooked.

Simple, logical structure

Advanced Dermatology offers a wide range of specialist treatments – in order to avoid confusion and make their site accessible, this practice has thoughtfully arranged its treatments into logically-labelled categories: Injectables, light and laser, body & fat reduction and anti-ageing skin care – all of which can be instantly accessed via the website’s simple top navigation system, which uses a mega-menu for quick access to specific subcategories, or leads to a top-level category if the user decides to click on one of the top menu links.

Once a user drills down into a specific subcategory, the site is filled with useful information and extra navigational elements, such as an additional side menu – this makes it easy to learn about all of the different treatments, with a minimum of scrolling required.

Along with their myriad of offered treatments, Advanced Dermatology also carries its own range of exclusive skin-care products, which can be bought directly via the website using a secure, streamlined checkout system.

A wealth of information

Whilst some dermatology practices might choose to simply provide a brief overview of their services and a phone number, Advanced Dermatology goes above and beyond, with loads of useful, detailed content available via the ‘Skin Topics’ section of the site, including: An A-Z of cosmetic procedures, an A-Z of skin conditions, clinical reviews, news and skin care tips; This wealth of information makes Advanced Dermatology a useful resource, as well as a great place to visit when directly seeking specialist skin care. 

Advanced Dermatology makes it easy for site visitors to post their comments, or to ask a doctor for advice: These details, along with the strong presence of the brand across popular social networks – and features like a handy ‘request callback’ link, give the site a friendly, caring feel.

All in all, we’d recommend http://www.advanced-dermatology.com.au to anyone who is looking for a cosmetic dermatology and non-surgical aesthetic medicine practice who can provide a range of procedures, skin care treatments and loads of useful information.

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