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As their website proudly proclaims, Activeskin has over 60 brands and 5,000 skincare products available for its customers to peruse online: So, when our reviewers sought to take a good look through the site, they were relieved to find that the overall experience was slick, intuitive and incredibly streamlined.

Let’s take a look at the finer points of their findings…

What makes this website unique?

A massive selection of products

Having so many products could be a negative point if the navigation and overall user-experience was not handled in a carefully designed manner: In the case of Activeskin, we felt that their designers were spot-on in how they have laid the site out – and as such, the massive selection is a boon, instead of a disadvantage.

Intuitive navigation

All of the products are contained within logically-structured categories and subcategories, including brand categories, meaning that a user who is in the mood for browsing can efficiently discover appropriate products by simply using the main navigation system, which opens in an effective mega-menu system.

Meanwhile, a fast and accurate search function makes homing-in on specific products a doddle.

A great user-experience across platforms

These days, it is important for any business to think about how their users interact with their website: In the case of Activeskin, we were blown away by the attention to detail with the site’s design – in particular – Its responsive nature.

Our tests revealed that the navigation and overall layout reconfigured seamlessly as the display size changes – making the site perfect for use on smartphones and tablets; but that’s not to say that the desktop experience has been neglected – little touches, such as the company logo in the top-left corner re-sizing (and large search-bar reconfiguring) as the user scrolls down the page (thereby maximising the screen real-estate for a better view of the products) – show that Activeskin has really thought carefully about how its users interact with their website.

Does activeskin.com.au offer its users good value for money?

Looking at Activeskin as a whole, there are a number of USPs which our reviewers felt added extra value to this firm’s customers:

  • Same day dispatch for selected products
  • A rewards scheme which treats customers to extra points for purchases, reviews, registration, newsletter subscription and referrals – these points can then be used towards future purchases – a great incentive.
  • Free delivery on orders over $95(AUD)
  • A frequently-updated sale section, loaded with some major reductions
  • Tons of useful information in the form of a content-rich beauty blog

Overall, we’d highly recommend Activeskin.com.au to anyone who is looking for a great selection of skincare products and a slick online shopping experience.

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