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Viper Apps - iPhone App Development

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As a firm which has built up a reputation of being one of the top mobile application development companies in the UK, it is only natural that Viper Apps would have a cutting-edge website to call its own.

Where is Viper Apps based?

Based in Stirling, Viper Apps is a particularly popular choice for anyone who has been searching for App Development Edinburgh or iPhone App Development Glasgow: But, given the nature of their industry, Viper Apps has amassed an impressive portfolio of international clients, who have benefitted from this trailblazing firm’s expertise over the years.

What does Viper Apps specialise in?

As stated on their website, Viper Apps has over 5 years of experience in developing apps for smartphones and tablets, which has allowed this innovative studio to produce an impressive body of work:

  • Viper Apps has developed over 100 apps for iOS devices
  • They’ve also been responsible for 20 + games on the iOS platform
  • Along with their expertise in developing for iOS, Viper Apps is fluent in the art of developing for the incredibly popular Android platform.

Aside from app development, Viper Apps also specialises in responsive web design, which uses the latest web technologies and design techniques to create stunning websites.

How user-friendly is the website?

When one scratches beneath the surface of viperapps.co.uk, it becomes clear that a lot of thought has gone into how this website has been designed and constructed.

One of the first things which struck our reviewers was the responsive, dynamic nature of the website, which automatically adjusts to fit whatever display it is being viewed on – a desirable property of any modern website, which – in this case, is implemented in an effective, smooth manner.

The simple, easy-to-use navigation design makes it a doddle to get around the website, whether the user is selecting elements with an onscreen cursor, or tapping in to the various menus via a touchscreen device.

What makes this website unique?

Viper Apps possesses a very attractive website, which performs admirably on all smart devices and passes its usability checklist with flying colours: But more than this, their website is loaded with plenty of high-quality content, which contains useful information for anyone who is interested in app development, web design or game development.

Viper Apps has an effective apps portfolio section, which displays thumbnails of some of the company’s top app examples, which directly link through to appropriate pages on the iOS app store and Google play store.

Aside from their attractive app portfolio, Viper Apps has a web design portfolio which displays large, detailed thumbnails of each project, along with a brief summary of the project/business in question: Perfect for someone who wants to get a quick look at what Viper Apps can deliver.

Beyond the functional, user-friendly aspects of Viper Apps’ website, our reviewers were impressed by the slick, subtle animation effects which the site displays as the user scrolls through content – and the tasteful design which has been implemented throughout.

All in all, we’d highly recommend Viper Apps to anyone who is looking for an app development and web design studio that can produce the goods.

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