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When it comes to getting their hands on legal cannabis seeds, collectors of all levels are simply spoilt for choice, due to the sheer quantity of strains, online stores and offers out there.

In a world where scores of cannabis seed brands battle for the recognition of the seed collecting community on a daily basis, the internet is now littered with a huge library of cannabis seed portal websites, each of which has its own strengths and weaknesses.

With so many places to get hold of cannabis seeds online, high-quality portals can be extremely useful resources for collectors to refine their searches down; the secret lies in knowing where to look!

Our reviewers found cannabisseeds.co.uk to be a streamlined online portal which provides weed-seed collectors with the perfect environment to find out more information about some of the world’s top cannabis seed companies.

What makes cannabisseeds.co.uk stand out from the crowd?

Avoiding the pitfalls that many lower quality weed seed portals have fallen into, cannabisseeds.co.uk offers its visitors high quality, useful information about the brands present in its pages.

We were struck by the distinctively minimalistic, yet highly effective design of this website, as well as by the high-quality content which was presented consistently throughout each section.

Ease of use

Thanks to its clean, uncluttered layout, this is one website which gets straight to the point and leaves the user in no doubt about how to navigate through the site and find the information that they are looking for.

Whilst this website has its own unique identity and distinctive creative flourishes, the designers have obviously placed usability and clarity of content at the forefront of their minds when working on the site layout.

A portal to the biggest brands around

As the cannabis seeds industry moves from strength to strength, the number of brands which now exist can sometimes be a little overwhelming, especially to anyone who is new to the hobby of collecting seeds.

Cannabisseeds.co.uk takes the hard work out of sorting the wheat from the chaff: Our reviewers took note of the fact that the brands listed on this portal were respected names among weed seed aficionados.

The brands featured on the site include:

Sensi Seeds

To many weed seed connoisseurs, the Sensi Seeds name stands head and shoulders above the competition, having won more cups than any other seeds firm over the past three decades.

Cannabisseeds.co.uk provides plenty of information about this major player in the cannabis seeds industry, including an overview of the company’s history, their key areas of expertise and the nature of the products which they sell, along with other particulars such as the firm’s shop addresses.

Weed Seed Shop

Cannabisseeds.co.uk also introduces the seed collecting community to Weed Seed Shop, a popular brand hailing from The Netherlands, which has made a name for itself by combining high quality products at unbelievably low prices.

Information on how this brand can offer such great value is provided, along with details on shipping, security and customer support.

Flying Dutchman Seeds

Finding its roots in the Amsterdam Coffee-shop scene, this well-known brand is famous for its wide selection of seed strains and innovative seed mix selections, which make it simpler than ever for collectors to get their hands on a superb assortment of top-notch strains.

Cannabisseeds.co.uk offers information on The Flying Dutchmen Seeds brand, the stability of their products, the secure packaging which the firm uses and includes details on their committed approach to customer privacy.

White Label Seeds

This economical brand has made waves over the years as a reputable source of great value seeds;

Cannabisseeds.co.uk provides a brilliant overview of White Label Seeds, giving the site visitor everything they need to know about the firm’s approach to business, how they package their products and other handy information.

The bottom line

Cannabisseeds.co.uk ticked all of our boxes when it came to design, with its clean, clear presentation of information and simple, user-friendly navigation.

The site also scored highly for its detailed, concise and carefully-presented content, which has clearly been tailored towards its intended audience of hard-core seed collectors, or anyone looking for information on some of the world’s top seed firms.

Finally, the inclusion of an entertaining and informative blog, as well as social media feeds indicate that Cannabisseeds.co.uk is very much ‘switched on’ to its audience, giving something of true value to those who need it.

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