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With the electronic cigarette revolution well underway, there are now countless online stores which offer consumers the chance to easily purchase these hot new devices.  In such a bustling marketplace, a special website is required to stand out from the crowd…

What makes this website special?

Whilst many sites go down the route of assuming that the user is entirely familiar with their products, http://cigees.com does a fantastic job of providing a friendly, welcoming and informative introduction to the world of electronic cigarettes.

By explaining how their products work, what their benefits are and by offering users the opportunity to browse and purchase a range of cigarette units, liquids and accessories, Cigees is a real ‘one-stop-shop’ for beginners and experienced ‘Vapers’ alike.

A friendly introduction to the world of e-cigarettes

With heating coils, ‘cartomisers’, batteries, e-liquids, chargers and a myriad of other elements to familiarise yourself with, you’d be forgiven for thinking that getting into the swing of things with electronic cigarettes might involve a bit of a learning curve (Especially if you are thinking about quitting something as familiar as regular cigarettes); However, thanks to their informative and user-friendly website, Cigees has succeeded in making the whole process of switching to electric a painless, pleasant and affordable experience.

Whilst they stock a wide range of individual products, Cigees also offer starter kits which include all of the bits and pieces that a beginner would need to start enjoying the benefits of going electric, including: A ‘Break Free Superkit’ (which is aimed at smokers who are looking to quit their habit) and the great value-for-money ‘Cigees Classic Starter Kit’, as well as more advanced bundles, like the ‘Majestic E-Cigarette Starter Kit’ and high-tech ‘CE5 Refiller Starter Kit’, which each contain more than enough to get ‘Vaping’ out of the box!

Cost savings a-plenty

Aside from simply making claims without backing them up, Cigees actually commissioned an independent test which allowed an accurate comparison to be made between the cost of smoking regular cigarettes and the savings which could be made by switching to electronic: The results of their findings were clearly displayed on Cigees’ website as food for thought aimed at anyone weighing up their options.

A company which will help you make a change in your life

As a firm which proudly displays its support of campaigns like ‘Stoptober’, Cigees provides plenty of information about how switching from regular cigarettes to electronic vaporisers can bring a myriad of potential health benefits to a person’s life.

Reading over Cigees’ customer testimonials and independent reviews, it is clear that many people have benefitted from making the change to Cigees electronic cigarette products, with plenty of praise being directed at the firm’s excellent customer service, fast delivery and high quality products.


Thanks to its clear, user-friendly design, wide range of good-value products and useful, informative content, http://cigees.com/ scored highly across the board and earned its place in our featured reviews section.

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