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Since its launch, The Vault Cannabis Seeds Store (http://www.cannabis-seeds-store.co.uk/) has been sending ripples throughout the cannabis seed collecting community with its mind-blowing selection of feminised cannabis seeds, great special offers and energetic, distinctive brand identity.

With everyone and their dog talking about The Vault, we thought it was about time for us to take this cutting-edge seeds website for a spin so that we could see what all the fuss is about…

What makes The Vault stand out from the crowd?

If you’re new to the rapidly-evolving world of weed seed collecting, the most difficult decision you’ll likely face as you start your journey is simply figuring out where to begin…

These days, literally thousands of distinct strains are available from a huge number of specialist seed companies: A fact, which can sometimes make the experience of navigating this endless world of possibilities seem like a daunting task…

After scratching beneath its slick exterior, we found The Vault to be the perfect place for anyone looking to buy marijuana seeds to enjoy a secure, user-friendly and relaxed shopping experience.

First impressions

Distinctive design flourishes, strong branding and attention-grabbing, engaging graphics all play their parts in making The Vault really stand out against a sea of less imaginative online cannabis seed stores; This distinctive look and feel lends the site a certain air of authority and really helps to draw the user in.

Rather than just presenting a jumble of seeds for sale, The Vault’s product photography and descriptions were clear, attractively presented and informative, whilst the thoughtfully laid-out navigation and great attention to detail evident in each aspect of this site gave us a very strong set of first impressions.

Beauty which is more than skin deep

Once we got past the slick exterior of The Vault’s design, we found it remarkably easy to browse its vast array of products, thanks to the site’s comprehensive search feature and its logically set-up categories.

Too much choice can sometimes be a bad thing; however, it is evident that the team at The Vault has clearly been through a lot of testing to get their balance just right, with a layout which allows the user to choose many paths towards their desired seeds, without any chance of getting lost in the process:

  • For those beginning their journey, the website homepage offers an excellent introduction to the world of weed seeds, with a comprehensive top 10 list and a series of featured seeds which can be browsed straight away.
  • Users can find their seeds by choosing from one of three ‘core’ categories (‘Feminised’, ‘Regular Seeds’ and ‘Auto Flowering Seeds’), with instant access to all branded sub-categories being granted via a slick mega-menu;
  • Alternatively, seed collectors might prefer to browse by brand, so that they can quickly look at seeds from their favourite breeders without having to sort through the wares of less favoured companies: Brands can be accessed via a ‘brands’ drop-down, by performing a search, or by using the rotating homepage ‘brands’ carousel.
  • A comprehensive search feature allows users to easily locate a specific seed strain or brand with ease.
  • Plenty of offers are featured prominently throughout the site, which can be accessed via the top navigation system, or via a number of strategically-positioned image links.
  • Popular sections of the website, like ‘White Widow Seeds’ and ‘Pick ‘n’ Mix’ can be easily accessed via eye-catching image links.

Does The Vault offer its users good value for money?

After thoroughly testing out The Vault, we were blown away by their incredible prices: But what really caught our attention was the amount of great special offers which they have running at any one time (In fact, The Vault clearly states that they are committed to offering ‘more freebies than any other seeds site’).

A special mention must go to the fact that The Vault gives its customers free seeds with every order and free shipping on online orders exceeding £100: Two very good reasons (among many) why we had to award The Vault top marks for value!

How trustworthy is ‘The Vault’?

In this age of ‘Big Brother’ watching every move we make and keeping tabs on wherever our digital fingerprints land up, it makes a refreshing change to find a website which can be trusted to handle your precious details with discretion.

Whilst cannabis seeds are currently 100% legal to purchase and possess in the UK, it is still nice to know that there are firms out there like The Vault, who make it clear that they’ll go the extra mile in order to protect their customers’ details and allow them to remain as anonymous as possible.

After a bit of research, we found that The Vault employs the following measures in order to safeguard its customers’ privacy and security:

  • All details submitted to The Vault are handled in a discreet manner, as assured on their website.
  • Payment details are safeguarded by some of the best security features in the industry, with up to 256-bit Secure Sockets Layer encryption used to protect transactions through the site.
  • Payment details are not stored by The Vault.

All of the evidence points towards The Vault living up to their name in terms of security and the protection of their customers’ personal information, meaning that we had to give them two thumbs up in this respect.

A social site

Cannabis seed collecting is a hobby for the sociable, so it makes perfect sense that you’d expect The Vault to engage with its community via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and the like;

We were taken aback by the amount of great content available on The Vault’s social pages and blog, which proved to be a real hub of activity: From promotions to news, topical articles to entertaining posts, these guys are truly in touch with their social side, setting an example to all other seed companies about how to connect with an audience.

In summary

The Vault Cannabis Seeds Store scored highly across the board in our review, with maximum points being awarded for design, user experience, security and value for money.

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