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Henleys Clothing

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For lovers of contemporary fashion, the House of Henleys occupies a special position: Straddling the line between classic, traditionally styled leisurewear and the latest in performance-focussed sports apparel, this label is known for its modern riffs on classic lines and it’s impeccable attention to detail.

Hailing from the UK, but with a truly global reach, Henleys is known for maintaining tradition whilst not being afraid to mix things up: By continuously evolving and revitalising their line-up, this is one brand which doesn’t look like it has ever been in danger of slowing down.

With the launch of some exciting new lines, we felt the time was right to review the Australian variant of this world-famous brand’s website…

A memorably sublime online experience

As one would expect from such a prestigious brand, the official Henleys Australian website is a master-class in effective, minimalistic design with a heavy emphasis on creating a streamlined, user-friendly shopping experience.

Thanks to its primarily monochrome palette, clean lines and subtle splashes of colour, the visually striking Henley’s website instantly communicates the brand’s ethos and core values to the user, whilst allowing their most important assets to take centre stage: Their sports/leisure wear.

Stunning photography

Product photography throughout the website is universally clear, tastefully presented and consistent in its approach; by taking the time to browse each item up close and in detail, the user is given a really clear idea about what each product will look and feel like when worn.

Multiple product images and concise, clear textual descriptions allow the user to see their selected item from multiple angles, in different colours and to read all about its composition and features.

A slick interface

Henleys’ Women’s Clothing and Henleys’ Men’s Clothing make up the two primary categories of the website, each with their own comprehensive range of sub-categories, from t-shirts to knits, jeans to jackets and accessories to gift cards.

To start shopping, the user has three main paths to go down:

  • They could get around the site by using the extensive, carefully presented top menu bar: This method uses drop-down menus which give the user an at-a-glance overview of each category’s contents.
  • Alternatively, a user might wish to find a specific product or range of products by using the website’s search functionality: This feature is both fast and effective in practice, making it very easy for even the least technically-minded users to find what they are looking for.
  • Finally, the user might find that they wish to simply navigate to a main category and then view all products within it, based upon their own customised parameters: By using a series of four ever-present drop-down filters (‘Category’, ‘Price’, ‘Size’ and ‘Colour’), the user can easily cut out anything that they don’t wish to see, so that they are left with a choice selection of items to peruse: Genius!


All in all, this website is worthy to bear the famous Henleys name: It ticks all of our boxes and gives us everything that we’d expect from the online presence of a world-class fashion icon.

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