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Perfume Clearance Centre

The Moo Directory has awarded this website: 

Upon visiting http://www.perfumeclearancecentre.com.au , the first thing which struck us was the tasteful, understated elegance of this firm’s brand image: Despite the fact that these guys sell heavily discounted goods, there is no question as to the high quality nature of the products on offer: An important fact that stands testament to the effectiveness of this Australian firm’s website and the strength of their branding.

An online perfume retailer with a difference

Whilst there is no shortage of websites out there which sell fragrances, getting a true bargain is sadly all too rare these days: Perfume Clearance Centre offers a refreshing blend of genuine, designer fragrances at very reasonable prices, which made us really sit up and take notice of their online store.

Aside from simply selling great value products, Perfume Clearance Centre offers plenty of information to educate visitors on how perfumes are made, how to recognise different elements of a scent and how fragrances can influence a person’s mood: It was a refreshing change to find a company that took the time to explain such details to its site visitors.

A brand with a recognisable online presence

The distinctive purple hues of this website are employed to break up important parts of the design, adding emphasis to eye-catching details, like sale product captions, promotions and the like, whilst reinforcing the Perfume Clearance Centre brand at each step of the browsing experience.

Consistency is a key component of any effective design and the creators of this website have come up top trumps with an intuitive, effectively assembled layout which remains easy to navigate and use at every step of the shopping experience.

Great deals, delivered pronto

We are big fans of Perfume Clearance Centre’s delivery options: With all items being shipped by the next business day, this is one online store which is a great choice for those last-minute gift purchases, or even for those times when you just don’t feel like waiting to indulge yourself!

A site which performs as beautifully as it looks

Aside from just looking great, Perfume Clearance Centre’s website was a real delight to use: To test out their website, we had a browse for two of the most popular items we could think of: Women’s Perfume and Men’s Cologne.

Perfume Clearance Centre makes it easy to find what you are looking for

Firstly, we popped ‘Women’s Perfume’ into the site’s search bar and hit enter: Almost immediately, a full range of relevant search results popped up – wonderful!

We were relieved to see that the site offered a comprehensive range of filters, to help us narrow our search down and zero-in on items which were of interest: ‘Brand’, ‘Fragrance Family’, ’Size’ and ‘Price Range’ were all included, meaning that, whatever the user’s priorities, a few quick clicks would connect them to an appropriate selection of products;

Once the ‘shortlist’ of women’s perfume matches was assembled in front of us, we took note of the fact that this selection could be sorted according to a number of factors, thanks to handy drop-down filter box.

In order to find a good selection of cologne for men, we decided to use the top-navigation bar of the website instead of the search function.  By selecting the ‘Mens’ top category, we were greeted by an intuitive drop-down menu, which broke up the bewildering array of fragrances into logical sub-categories, fitting within two primary areas: Brand and Fragrance type.

The experience of browsing the men’s fragrances mirrored the women’s perfume search results: We were again given the option to easily filter out irrelevant items and really home-in on what we were looking for.

Each product was presented with clear, high-quality images, detailed descriptions and the ability to choose particular sizes and quantities: Despite the fact that we couldn’t smell the perfumes first-hand, we could still paint a very good picture in our minds of what each product would bring to the table.

We found the check-out process to be quick, simple and secure, whilst the detailed help section and easy access to customer service really made us feel that we were using a trustworthy website.


Anyone looking for high-quality, designer fragrances at great value prices should definitely check out Perfume Clearance Centre: It gets five stars from us, as well as two big thumbs up!

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