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Electric Tobacconist

The Moo Directory has awarded this website: 

Take the time to click onto www.electrictobacconist.co.uk and the first thing that will strike you is the refreshing, distinctly retro style which helps this website to stand apart from the scores of sanitised, clinically-cold looking competitors out there.

The designers behind this trailblazing company’s branding have clearly spent a significant amount of time and effort developing a solid, consistent theme which has filtered through to each aspect of Electric Tobacconist’s website, adding a touch of retro-chic flavour to its online shopping experience.

Attractive banner images which would not look out of place in a show like ‘Mad Men’ greet the user upon hitting the website’s homepage, which also gives an ‘at a glance’ summary of the wide range of categories and products available for purchase on this fully-featured online store, making it easy for users to find what they are looking for quickly and efficiently.

The theme of this website helps to evoke the feeling of stepping into an old-fashioned tobacconist, but with one crucial difference: the products on offer are anything but dated!

A smokeless cigarette for every occasion

Electric Tobacconist sells a wide range of E-Cigarette products, including kits, refills and Disposable E-cigarettes: For anyone who is not familiar with smokeless cigarettes, these are high-tech, healthier alternatives to conventional tobacco products like cigarettes, cigars or pipes.


These kits give consumers everything they need to get started with the wonderful world of vaping; most sets typically comprise:

  • A USB-powered charger
  • One or more batteries
  • A handful of Cartridge refills


Part of the appeal of vaping is the wide choice of flavours on offer: Everything from traditional favourites like classic tobacco and menthol, to excitingly exotic varieties like cherry and vanilla will add a flavoursome tint to your smooth smokeless vaping experience!


If a kit is not for you, disposable e-cigarettes make it incredible easy and convenient to get vaping: just take one of these units out of their box and have a puff: no wires, no refills, just a quick, smooth blast of flavour at your fingertips.

A wide selection of brands

Unlike many online stores which sell a single brand of electronic cigarette products, Electric Tobacconist offers quality items from a wide range of popular brands, like:

  • Salmon & Trout
  • Lucky 8s
  • Intellicig
  • Fin
  • VIP

This extra level of choice means that E-Cigarette connoisseurs can find all of their favourite brands under one convenient (virtual) roof; meanwhile, those who are new to the world of vaping can easily get their hands on affordable samples to discover what is on offer from these fine brands.

The verdict

www.electrictobacconist.co.uk is a joy to use: the website doesn’t just look fantastic, it offers the user a wide range of great features which have been finely crafted to make the whole experience of browsing and purchasing e-cigarette products online simple and fun.

It is not only super-simple to find the product you are looking for, but once you have decided what you’d like to purchase; the checkout functionality is quick, secure and flexible.

Electric Tobacconist gets our seal of approval and a big thumbs-up, so make sure to add it to your bookmarks today!

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