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Skycigs - Electronic Cigarettes

The Moo Directory has awarded this website: 

This website offers some fantastic products, in a user-friendly environment which made it a doddle to find and order the products I was looking for.

SkyCig.co.uk has a fantastic ‘savings calculator’, which shows you how much money you can save by changing from regular cigarettes to electronic cigarettes (I expect to make a saving of over £1700 per year!);

Along with great navigation and a good selection of products on their website, Sky Cig also has plenty of information about how their products work, with many frequently asked questions being answered in a clear, concise manner.

In terms of the online shopping experience, this is equal to the experience I had using Sky Cig’s products:

Each of the products from Sky Cig that I’ve sampled has been absolutely fantastic and, as far as I’m concerned, I don’t think I’ll ever go back to regular cigarettes ever again.

First up, in terms of flavour, in my opinion, no cigarette tobacco can come close to the delicious and varied choice that Sky Cig has on offer: my personal favourite is the ‘Crown Cherry’ cartridge, which, like other flavours, comes in three different strengths.

Along with cherry, vanilla and cinnamon, there are other, more ‘standard’ tobacco flavours on offer: classic tobacco is perfect for a smoker looking to recreate the flavour of a fine cigarette: according to the manufacturer, it includes hints of Virginia, Brazillian and Indian tobaccos: whilst I’m no aficionado when it comes to cigarettes, the flavour profile of this cartridge is, to my taste-buds, delicious and authentic.

If you are switching to e cigarettes for a smoother alternative to harsh tobacco smoke, however, you might prefer the ‘Tobacco Gold’ flavour, which is less of a cigarette substitute and more of an ‘upgrade’!

The hit of nicotine you’ll get from these cigarettes will satisfy all your cravings, whilst the experience of taking a draw is much smoother and more satisfying than inhaling tar-filled smoke: I can already feel my lungs saying ‘thank you’ for making the move to this high-tech alternative!

One of the best parts of this technology that I had never thought about before is the total lack of any ash (which would typically float around in my living room and make a real mess) or smell: now I’m wondering what on earth I can use my heavy glass ashtray and collection of air-fresheners for!

All in all, a great website with fantastic products: bin your regular cigarettes today and get puffing on a SkyCig!

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