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Vapourmate Electronic Cigarettes

The Moo Directory has awarded this website: 

www.vapourmate.co.uk is a clean, functional website which offers the user a simple, easy-to-navigate shopping experience;

The products being sold on the site include Vapourmate E Cigarettes, refill ‘cartomizers’, E liquid and accessories: each of these key product types is grouped logically, within a specific category: all categories are easily located and accessed via the top navigation system;


Whilst the top navigation bar makes it super-simple for users to browse the range of products available at Vapourmate, the welcome addition of a search bar makes it quick and easy for a user to find a specific product in a few keystrokes.

Category levels

Each category page includes rows of four products which fill the entire fixed width area of the page: this helps to minimise the amount of scrolling required from page to page, but still allows for generous thumbnail images to be used for each item;

Products are represented by a thumbnail image, product name and price, along with a ‘buy’ button: clicking on any of these elements (with the exception of the price) will take the user to the individual product page.

Whilst the primary focus of each category level page is the products themselves, these pages also feature some introductory text, as well as some social media elements, so users can share what they find with their contacts.

Product pages

When a user navigates to a specific product page, they will be greeted with the following elements:

  • The product name and price of the product: confirming that the user is on the correct page and is viewing the right product.
  • A clear, generously-sized image of the product: in some cases, multiple images feature, particularly when the product is a kit which comprises multiple components.
  • A range of social networking elements, including the ‘want’ feature, which integrates with Facebook.
  • Product options, to allow users to pick colour and other variables of a specific product.
  • A quantity selection.
  • A ‘buy’ button, which adds the selected quantity of the product to a user’s basket.
  • Product information: these are clear, informative descriptions which tell users exactly what they need to know about each item.
  • Product reviews: A great feature which allows users to rate products and read what customers have to say.

This comprehensive range of details and features allows a user to easily find out more about each product and then make an informed purchase.

Checkout process

Our tests have shown that the checkout process for this website is very efficient: after a quick registration process (only a few fields are required), all that is left for a user to do is input their delivery and payment details (there is also the option to pay using a PayPal account).

A shipping calculator is also included as part of the checkout process, which means that a user can easily get information on how much their total order will cost.

Information pages

The website also includes plenty of information on E cigarette products, including a comprehensive glossary and FAQ section;

There is also a Vapourmate Blog which features plenty of interesting news articles relating to the E cigarette industry as a whole.


All in all, www.vapourmate.co.uk is a user-friendly, efficient and complete resource for users looking for E Cigarette products or information.

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